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Please read carefully

If you are member or have ever been a member of the national bar association, an account has already been created.  You do not need to create an account. If you do not know your username and password, please contact the NBA to obtain your username and password.  Please email us at [email protected], or call 202-842-3900.

New Members
Please follow the step process to join the National Bar Association, by completing each page and clicking next.  You will be presented with membership selection options on the final page. The membership rates are listed below.

If you run into any issues joining the National Bar Association, please contact the Membership Department at 202-842-3900. 

You can also email us at [email protected] please make sure your first and last name is on the email.

We are also able to process your payment for you and a confirmation will be sent to the email address on file.

Membership Rates

Law student/first year graduate free 

Pre Law free membership for one year
Auxiliary (not practicing) $100 

Associate $100
Retired $125 
Practicing less than 5 years $125 
Practicing more than 5 years $250 
Government/Nonprofit Lawyer $250

Judicial $250 
Life Membership $5,000 
Subscribing Life Membership $2,000  ($2000 down and $2,000 per year for 2 years)

Renewing your Membership?

Follow these instructions:

If you are looking to
Renew your membership follow these steps: 
1. Log in using your user name and password.
2. Click on "your name" at the top of the page
3. Scroll down and click on the "renew now" button. If the renew now button returns an error, please click on the "participation tab" at the top of the page

4. After clicking on the participation tab, scroll to the bottom of the page to open invoice.  Click on the small box with the invoice
5. Remember to "update cart" after you have clicked on the small box
6. The update to cart will take you to the payment area.
7. In the payment area you can enter your credit card information.
8. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation. You will also be able to send a second confirmation to a different email address if you wish to do so.

Thank you for renewing your NBA membership!  Your membership support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

NBA Membership Team